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Dogs & Our Mental Health

Dogs have long been a lot more to us than just being a pet. My dogs certainly offer me some comfort on a daily basis! This is them above, Teddy and Alfie, with their paws up in the office.

Written by Abbie King - UK Brand Manager for ADAPTIL

Dogs are always happy to see us, they love a cuddle on the sofa, they lick our faces when we cry, they give us a reason to get some air, they pick up (and usually run away) with our socks, they provide daily smiles, they love us unconditionally...the list is endless.

They are a huge support for us and it is widely known that they have a positive impact on our mental health and this is widely recognized by researchers that the relationship with our pets has a therapeutic value.

An important part to this, is the social bond they offer us, they are that company we sometimes need and for some us more than ever more recently! Being a dog owner, there is nothing better than opening the door to a wagging tail...and does anyone else's house feel weird if you come home and they are not there? Your house almost feels empty!

The fact they need to go on daily walks means so more than just making sure they are exercised. You almost join this new social club when you have a dog, stopping in the park for a chat talking to total strangers becomes completely normal..especially when you have the same breed (many a time I have been stood around for over half an hour talking to fellow Schnauzer owners). Getting some fresh air is also good for the soul, you have time to reflect, you get an opportunity to have a break from what you are doing and it gets the heart rate going (possibly burning off that chocolate you ate for lunch!).

Teddy & Alfie #adaptil

My 3 top health benefits from owning Teddy and Alfie are:

  1. They make me laugh on a daily basis - Teddy steals my clothes and Alfie continues to lick your face until you wake up to feed him breakfast!
  2. They get me out of the house - I find it too easy to sit down and not move...having 2 lively dogs ensures I get out for fresh air every day.
  3. THEY LOVE to cuddle - possibly my favourite thing, they both like to use me as their own personal sofa and I find nothing more relaxing than stroking their ears.

We would love to hear how your doggies help you, feel free to leave a comment or visit our Facebook page (@ADAPTILCanada).

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