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How To Help Your Puppy Settle Into Their New Home

It is one of the most exciting times for any household when a puppy is brought home for the first time. However, among the excitement it is important to remember that it can be daunting and confusing for your baby pooch as they get used to their new surroundings and family.

Before my puppy arrives what should I do?

On the day you collect your puppy try and do so as early as possible so that there is a whole day for the pooch to get familiar with the environment before bedtime. Try to make sure your pup is not left alone. You might want to take some time off work, and some companies even allow their employees ‘paw-ternity leave’ for this very reason!

If you have children, advise them how to act around your puppy and permanently manage how and when they play together, which should always be supervised. If you have a garden, make sure the fences and gates are secure. If you haven’t already, think about a name for your puppy and maybe even get a tag for them with your phone number or address in case they get lost.

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How can I prepare my home for a fur baby?

It’s a good idea to puppy-proof your home while your pup is learning what they’re allowed to chew on - you’ll want to keep your treasured possessions out of paws’ reach!

Food should be kept away from the edges of counters where it can tempt hungry hounds, and you certainly don’t want to leave any dangerous electrical wires lying around.

Keep your pooch occupied with a fun variety of stimulating toys, like rope or stuffed and puzzle feed toys. Keep these separate from children’s toys, because your playful pup might get excited and not be able to tell the difference!

Your furry friend wants the same thing from your home as you do - a cozy place where they feel safe and comfy. So make sure there is a comfortable bed and blanket, lead, collar, puppy food, water and bowls waiting for them when they get there - and a lovely crate or puppy pen that they can call their very own!

What should I do when my pooch arrives?

When your puppy first arrives, go straight to the garden or out for a small walk to give toilet opportunities. Try to do this frequently. Try to have little puppy treats cut up in your hand or pocket to reward your puppy for travelling in the car or straight after going to the toilet outside. This positive reinforcement will enable you to train your pup. Your four-legged friend needs to calmly explore their new home and setting. Keep a lead on for the first expedition around your home, show them their bed and the rooms they’ll spend most time in. Then allow your puppy time to nap and explore alone but always pay close attention. Treats can help in getting their attention when you need it and can be used if they are behaving well.

What challenges will me and my pup possibly face?

Puppies may, at first, get lonely during the night and cry out for you. But you need to stay strong, to help your pup grow into the confident canine they deserve to be!

If your puppy wakes up from sleeping in their crate and cries out, you should hold back from touching or reassuring them to help them realize crying won’t result in being petted or played with. It’s hard, but you’ll both benefit in the long run!

You also want your pooch to be a valued and beloved member of your household - one of the family! If there’s more than one person in your house, make sure everyone gets a chance to spend time with the pup and look after them - whether it’s feeding, playtime or walkies. Share the love!

How can Adaptil Junior help?

The first few days can be daunting and confusing for your puppy when you consider they have left their mom and litter mates where they felt safe. However, you can help your newly adopted doggy feel safe and secure by using an ADAPTIL Junior Collar. It sends ‘comforting messages’ to help your furry friend feel comfortable and secure in the household.

ADAPTIL Junior is an easy-to-use collar that is worn around your puppy’s neck. It should be left on continuously for a whole month of constant support (except during a shampoo wash). It is clinically proven, veterinary-used and recommended.


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