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Does Your Personality Match Your Dogs? Signs to Look For!

How often do you think – wow, doesn’t that person look like their dog? Whether you would be delighted - or horrified - by this thought, there are lots of similarities to be seen between humans and dogs. 

Did you know, research suggests that people and their dogs often share personality traits! In a study published in Psychological Science, dogs and owners were photographed separately, and another group of people were asked to match the photos.

Interestingly, the observers were only able to match purebred dogs with their owners, suggesting that when people choose a dog, they (probably unconsciously) choose one that resembled them. Perhaps they’re athletic so chose a Greyhound as their companion, or maybe they have red hair and chose a Red Setter!  

With a mixed breed pooch however, you probably won’t know what traits the dog will have until you get to know them – unless you adopt them from a rescue centre who can give you an insight into their temperament and personality.

So, have you ever wondered if your personality matches your dog’s?

Woman smiling at small dog laying on couch

Does your personality match your dog’s?

As research published in Journal of Research in Personality has shown; just as a human’s personality will be impacted by important life events - like better relationships and good health - similar events can impact a dog’s personality too.  

An obvious example is that if humans are inactive, this could lead to obesity, which in turn may create personality changes - in mood, disposition and in some cases, serious health conditions. Similarly, chronic inactivity in dogs can also lead to health conditions that will affect their mood and disposition.

Conversely, dogs that have an active life may also avoid health-harming behaviours – similar to humans.  

Some signs to look for

Here are some fun signs where a human’s personality could well match their dogs. Have you spotted any signs?

You both love the same activities!

Woman laying on ground outside laughing at small dog on her stomach trying to lick her face

Are you fun loving? Do you enjoy hanging out with your dog and building that bond with lots of adventures and playtime? There’s nothing like a tumble and cuddle with your favourite pooch!

Tell us about your favourite human/canine bonding time!

You love the same hairstyles!

Toy poodle puppy looking over smiling woman's shoulder

We wonder who had the hairstyle first? It looks beautiful on both the lady and her Toy Poodle puppy! According to a BBC Future article, humans have a tendency to ‘... model our dogs in our own image, as if they reflect a better version of ourselves’. Have you checked in the mirror to see if your dog has the same hairstyle as you?

Do you and your pooch have similar hairstyles?  We’d love to see them!

Your Exercise Preferences Are The Same

Woman on yoga mat in downward dog position with small dog laying on its back also on the mat

Are you and your dog fitness fanatics? Or does one of you love to nap, while the other wants to walk? The bond between a dog and its human knows no bounds, and daily exercise is an important part of a healthy routine. Learning to train your dog can also be a fun way to exercise - teaching simple cues such as ‘sit’, ‘fetch’ or even go as far as ‘stretch’ like this Beagle! Yes, it seems there is such a move as an ‘upward facing dog’!

Calling all yoga-pooches!  We’d love to see your poses!

You Just Love to be Together

Man laying on ground with small dog laying on its back beside his head

Do you like to take some time out to sit and reflect? Often, the bond between a dog and their human is so strong, that the dog's mood reflects that of their human, and they will sense that sitting side-by-side and spending time together is one of their favourite things. 

How do you and your pooch chill out?

You’re Both Decisive… Or Indecisive! 

Rhodesian dog with head tilted to one side

Do you always make a clear decision, or can you be indecisive? What about your dog? Do they know exactly which chew toy to go for, or are they sometimes stuck for choice? Whether you’re a decisive pair or need a little more time to think things through, you might have seen your dog tilt their head to one side, thinking! Do you also pull the same expressions?

What are your dog’s favourite expressions that are similar to yours?

Better Together

Researchers have found that people often choose dogs that match their lifestyle – for example, active people may choose a pooch that requires lots of exercise. Equally, an older dog from a rescue centre may be just the right companion for an older person. It seems that personality can also affect learning – excitable and happy dogs are easier to train than fearful or nervous dogs. 

Dogs are also excellent at reading our body language and seem to know how we are feeling, which can show in their temperament – if we’re happy, so are they – but if we are stressed or anxious, our dogs may reflect it. However, having a dog as a companion is also known to relieve stress and reduce anxiety in people. 

Remember, dog personalities are not set in stone – just like humans, personalities change as a dog gets older, and can be influenced by lifestyle and experiences. Together, you and your dog can find a lifestyle balance that works for the both of you.

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