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Coping with your puppy’s socialization period during containment

We know these days won’t make puppy-parenting an easy thing. Puppies need to be exposed to several new situations and learn a lot of new things to adapt to our lifestyles during the first few weeks of their life. Some of those must be taught right after adoption to make sure they will be learnt by the time they’re adult. This goes for basic commands, cleanliness or leash walking.

However, even though socialization will be a bit more tricky for the time being, it’s still possible to prepare your pup for the outside world whilst you remain inside! Read our tips below:

Respect their sleeping needs

First things first, be aware your new friend will spend most of their time sleeping – 15h to 20 hours a day. Their sleep must be respected. Under no circumstances can you or your family disturb them whilst they’re sleeping. Even if you’re home all day. We know it’s tempting!

let your puppy nap


2. Toys for fun

Give small toys adapted to puppies for play sessions that they can chew and fetch. It’s a good way to teach them recall. Every time they bring back the toy, don’t hesitate to make a fuss and give them plenty of love! In other words: make the treats rain (but not too much).

make sure you have puppy toys


3. Short but essential walks

Walks will have to remain short but frequent enough to allow them to do their business outside. Best times to take walks are after food, in the morning when they wake up and before going to bed. Congratulate them when they do their business at the right place. In case of small, inside accidents (there will be some!) don’t get angry. Clean thoroughly and use training pads. Training pads must be placed somewhere calm, ideally away from their sleeping area and should always remain at the same location. Day after day, your puppy will learn to go there when they need to.

4. Leash walking

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you can teach your puppy to leash walk outside. If not, pups can be trained indoors with a collar and the leash put on. The aim is to teach your dog friend to walk calmly at your side. It is also a good time to teach how to sit on command using treats.

leash walking your puppy


5. Get them used to everyday noises

Being stuck inside doesn’t make exposing your puppy to new sounds easy. First, get them used to the noises in your household : vacuum, hairdryer, washing machine, etc. For outside noises (traffic, sirens, etc.) you could try this playlist dedicated to puppies. Repetition is key: play those every day, gradually increasing the volume over time.

6. Get them used to the car

Although you might not be able to travel in your car, you can use this opportunity to get them used to the car.

Have your puppy walk around the car with the engine off to begin. Let them sniff and explore and reward them if they stay calm. When your four-pawed friend shows confidence when they’re next to the car, the next step is to let them explore the car (still with the engine off). Again, use rewards and wait until your pup is confident enough in the car before you turn the engine on. Although you may not be able to drive too far, or at all for the time being, you’ll have gotten your puppy accustomed to your car and soon enough, you’ll be able to take them and your family on a drive again!

Remember this key to success: take your time. Patience and keeping a positive attitude are essential to training your puppy!

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Stay safe!

The ADAPTIL team


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