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24/7 Together: 5 tips to prepare your dog for when confinement ends

Our dogs are very important family members that can comfort us during these challenging days. Most of us are spending less time away from home, and in fact more time with our furry family. It is great to have more time with our canine companions and they enjoy the opportunity to be with us all day too.

For some of our buddies, that are already very attached to their family, this can lead to the belief that from now on we will all be together all of the time. Staying alone gets more difficult for these dogs, as they are not used to it any more.

With the help of the German dog trainer, Perdita Lübbe, we've created 5 easy training tips for you to prevent home-alone issues, when confinement ends and your normal routine restarts.

5 easy training tips to avoid home alone issues in your dog

  1. Even if you are there 24/7, from time to time close the door to prevent your dog following you everywhere. Easy opportunities are, for example, when you're going to the bathroom, basement or taking out the garbage.get your dog comfortable with closed doors
  2. If not already done, create a place of total peace and calmness for your dog, where they learn to relax, e.g. a dedicated place to sleep at night in a quiet area of your house.create a peaceful place for your dog to be alone
  3. Use an ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser in your home to relax your dog and help them stay alone more easily. ADAPTIL Calm also supports any kind of training as it helps your dog to learn better without being stressed out by the new situation.plug in an ADAPTIL diffuser to help calm and comfort your dog
  4. Train your dog to "stay” in a dedicated resting place and praise them for going there. Over time your dog will learn to go there intuitively while you are not there.train your dog to stay in a resting place
  5. When returning to your dog, your return should be kept calm to avoid your dog becoming excited; your return should be a normal part of the day for your fluffy friend.

Follow these 5 easy training steps to hopefully prevent future issues while your dog is home alone. They'll help your dog settle much easier when back to the normal routine...the sooner the better!

Stay safe!



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