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How Do I Train My Puppy To Sit

Training your puppy to sit is an important part of their early training! It’s a great way to hold their attention, can encourage them to remain calm and still - and helps to control heaps of puppy energy!


Here are a couple of easy techniques you can use to train your pup to sit when you ask them to!

Methods to Train Your Puppy to Sit

puppy german sheperd is intrigued


Capturing the sit!

If you want to encourage your puppy to sit, keep an eye out for natural sitting behavior, and ‘capture’ the moment! With this technique, wait until you see your puppy in the process of sitting down and then say “sit.” Once the puppy finishes sitting down, you give them a treat or make a fuss over their good job!

Clicker training is a great way to help train your puppy. You can find clickers in stores or even just make a clicking sound with your tongue. You would want to "charge" the clicker first. This involves making the clicking sound and giving your puppy a treat right away. In short order they will associate the sound with a super fun treat. Now you can start using the clicker to help train your puppy. You can quickly clicker train your puppy by clicking at the moment your puppy sits and give them a treat right away. The clicking sound tells your puppy they did something good and a reward is coming. You should then step backward or away to encourage your pup to stand - and wait for them to sit again. When your pup is about to sit again, say ”sit” to reinforce the message - then after your pup sits, provide them with a reward.

Choosing to ask for a sit when your pup wants to play is the perfect way to have them associate sitting with a reward, plus they’ll be delighted when you play a game with them!

Lure your pup with a reward

Do you like a tasty treat? Your pup is no different! Lure training is where you use a high-value reward like a favorite treat (or toy) to lure your pup into a sitting position.

To do so, hold a treat in front of your pet’s nose, then slowly lift the food above their head. As your pup looks up, their rear end should naturally go down! Say “sit” just before their bottom touches the floor, then “good boy/girl” or “yes!” once they’re sitting. Don’t forget to let them eat the treat once they’ve obeyed!

Repeat this several times in several different sessions to reinforce the message. Then, try removing the lure, and just use the command “sit.” This may take time, and you might need to encourage your dog with a small hand lure or signals if they find it tricky. But, be patient and keep showering your pup with encouragement!


white puppy labrador sitting


Be consistent and patient!

Once your pup has got the hang of sitting on command, you can simply use that command and/or a consistent hand signal (such as a closed fist or an upward palm motion) to encourage them to sit. Be sure to always reward your puppy when they obey!

Try and only reward your pup once their bottom hits the ground, and they’ve been seated for a little while. Extending the time you take to give a reward can encourage your pup stay down for longer. Never physically put your puppy into a sitting position however, as this can be confusing or upsetting for a puppy.

Building Good Habits

Once your pup has learned to sit, this can become their ‘please and thank you’ system! For example, you can encourage your dog to sit by the door as a signal that they need to go outside, or to get them to sit calmly before feeding. Getting your paw-some pal to sit, also comes in handy when your pup is in a new situation and needs to be polite!

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