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COVID-19: What do dog parents need to know?


Three important answers to your questions about how to keep your (fur) family healthy and happy!

We know that as we all face the current global pandemic, you’re worried about your family and friends and how to best care for your dog right now.

We are committed to helping dog parents through this challenge with answers to questions about healthcare and how to keep your dog as happy as possible.


1. Can my dog get sick with or transmit COVID-19?

The good news is that, at this time, it doesn’t appear dogs can become sick with or transmit COVID-19.

The World Health Organization has emphasized that there is no evidence pets can be a source of infection of COVID-19 or that they can become sick with this virus. It’s not clear whether or not your dog‘s fur is a surface that could carry the virus, but to be on the safe side, read our sanitation tips below.


2. What can I do to keep my dog and my family healthy?

To minimize any possible risk, follow the same sanitation practices with your pet family members as with your human family members:

1. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after each contact with your pet.

2. Cover your nose and mouth with your arm if you sneeze or cough.

3. Avoid wet kisses from your pet.

4. Wash your dog’s bedding and equipment regularly at hot temperatures.

5. Disinfect your dog’s leashes after each walk.


3. What can I do to keep my dog happy in uncertain times?

Try not to panic! Stress is not good for anyone's health. Your dog will directly feel your worries and will suffer, too.

If possible, keep up the most of your daily routines. Your buddy is your personal therapy dog; cuddling, playing and spending mindful moments together with your beloved family is still the best therapy in uncertain times.

Petting your dog is not a risk factor; we recommend doing that regularly!

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Stay safe!

The ADAPTIL team


Links and resources

The New Coronavirus and Companion Animals from the World Small Animal Veterinary Association

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