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COVID-19: 5 essential tips for dog parents


Isolating at home with your dog due to pandemic restrictions can be stressful for both of you. Here’s how you can make it easier and safer!

Plan ahead

● Create a plan for who will care for your dog in your home should you contract COVID-19. For example, reach out through social media and your local animal shelter to find out if there are local groups that can assist you with walking your dog while you’re ill.

● Have an emergency kit ready in case you cannot leave your home:

○ Two weeks’ worth of your dog’s food

○ Any medications your dog requires

○ New food bowls and collar and lead can be useful should someone else need to care for your pet.


Create a new routine

● Being at home all the time is new for the human members of the home and can be confusing for dogs. Put aside time for activities with your dog, such as play time or learning a new trick. Plan shorter walks that you can take if you are able to leave your home.


What happens if my dog is unwell?

Veterinary clinics in affected areas may only be able to see urgent or emergency cases. If you have a routine healthcare appointment for your dog booked in the next few weeks, call your vet to discuss what steps they have put in place for routine appointments. You may be asked to postpone routine care such as vaccinations. It may be appropriate for your vet to discuss your dog’s health via a consultation on the phone or a video link.

If you are worried about your dog’s health during this time, contact your veterinary clinic by phone initially to discuss your concerns. Your vet will decide whether your dog needs to be seen at the clinic.

● Don’t leave your house if you are self-isolating. Is there a family member, friend or neighbor who can take your dog to the clinic if this is required? Your vet clinic may be able to assist you with this as well.

● Veterinary clinics have measures in place to protect you and their staff members, so please follow their instructions, which may include:

○ Only one person accompanying your dog into the clinic

○ Call from the parking lot when you arrive instead of checking in at the desk.

○ If you do enter the clinic, sanitize your hands first.

○ Avoid contact with people and keep a 6-foot distance while in the clinic.

○ Wash your hands when you leave the clinic as well as when you return home.

○ Some clinics may request you stay in the car while your pet is in the clinic.


Being restricted to home is challenging for us all, but your faithful four-legged companion will be happy to see so much of you. Planning ahead will help to keep your dog healthy through this period of isolation.

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Stay safe!

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