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A Dog's Point of View: Separation Anxiety After Lockdown


Sigh…I’m getting confused! Until a few months ago, I was in a lovely routine. I knew exactly what was going to happen in my doggy day.

Early in the morning one of my humans would let me out into the garden to go to the toilet; then I would have breakfast. Then just before my human went to work, we would take a walk - and then I had the house all to myself for the rest of the day!

Then everything changed! Everyone was suddenly at home all the time - I heard them calling it ‘lockdown’ - and instead of going to work and school, everyone was staying inside! They had lots of calls talking with people on the computer - sometimes if I barked they told me to be quiet, but the person on the computer didn’t seem to mind!

Now it seems things are changing again and I don’t know what’s going on! Some days people are here, other days they’re gone - where are they? Will they come back?

so much time with dog owner

I Like A Routine!

It seems as if lockdown is not as strict as before, but I still like to have a routine. I feel more confident if I know what is going to happen each day, and sometimes feel anxious if things change too much.

I really like my human being at home! But I think things are changing again! My human still gets up at the same time every morning and takes me for a walk, but sometimes he works in a different room, so I’m left on my own more often. He has also started going out more often but returns after a little while. I think he is trying to get me used to being on my own again during the day!

Whatever is going on, I’m pleased I still have the same routine every day, with the same times for food, play and walks!

dog enjoying being with owner

I Don’t like Feeling Anxious!

Sometimes, when I’m anxious, I do things that I’m not supposed to, like chewing things or pacing. My human has helped me though! I used to get anxious when we had visitors to the house and I sometimes would bark or growl. I’m a lot better now because I learned how to cope; in my training classes I met new people and other dogs - and now I know what to expect, I’m quite happy.

Another thing that helps me to feel less anxious is an ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser. I didn’t notice any difference at first, but after a few days I felt really settled. And when we go out, I have an ADAPTIL Calm On-the-go Collar around my neck and that makes me feel safe too.

How My Human Helps Me

I think we’re going back to the original normal now and my human family are going back to work and school. But I am feeling more prepared for it now and don’t feel so anxious.

They have made me a nice comfortable bed in my own corner of the room and when they go out they leave me with lots to do, like a puzzle feeder and my favourite toys to play with.

They also take me for a good walk before they leave so that when they finally go to work, I’m curled up in my bed relaxing and if they can’t come home during the day, they arrange for the man next door to let me out in the garden for a toilet break and a good sniff around. This has happened a lot before, and I’m good friends with the man, so I don’t mind!

Sometimes, they leave the radio or TV playing to keep me company. I love music! Time passes quite quickly and before I know it, the kids have come home from school, and we play for a bit in the garden with a ball - I do like to play with them, they’re really good fun!

I did get a bit anxious the other day as I accidentally chewed a slipper - I don't think my human was very happy but they didn't say anything to me about it and just came to say hello to me as normal while I sat on my bed. But since then I haven't seen any slippers around when they leave me alone!

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