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A Dog's Point of View: How ADAPTIL Calm Helps Me at Home

I’m a very friendly canine really, but I do get stressed sometimes! I like my daily routine as I know what is going to happen next but I do sometimes get worried if things change, like people visiting the house that I don’t know, loud scary noises, and even meeting other dogs.

But my human best friend has sorted all of that! I think I told you about my human best friend recently… he’s really nice and has done a lot of things to make me feel less stressed and confident, like when we are out on our walks and I meet other dogs - I didn’t like it when they ran towards me and started chasing! But he taught me that everything was OK and they were just being friendly. Now I like a good run around the field with all the other dogs!

Ever since my best friend brought me to my new home, he taught me how to get used to lots of different situations. I was really scared when he first took me to socialisation training - it was so noisy and all those other dogs kept barking and whining. But he was right, I am now more confident around other dogs and I’ll sniff them back if they sniff me!

I think he has some extra help though…. I spotted him plug something into the wall and it made me feel nice and calm like the special ADAPTIL collar I wear. It makes me feel more confident and relaxed like I did when I was with my canine mummy!

ADAPTIL-Calm-Refill-2I know that it’s called a ‘diffuser’ (I don’t know what it is in doggie language, though) because I heard him say “I must remember to get another ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser refill when I go to the shops. It’s been about a month since we plugged that one in and I think it’s working well because Bertie (that’s me!) seems more relaxed recently.”

I feel safe!

I think he’s right about the ‘diffuser’ working well! It helps me in lots of ways. I just have a sense that I’m safe and I feel much more comfortable and relaxed. Apparently, ADAPTIL releases comforting messages that makes me feel safe like I did when I was with my canine mummy. Humans can’t detect them, but I know a dog appeasing pheromone when I sense it!

It only took me a few days to begin to feel more relaxed when he plugged it in, but I’ve heard them say that sometimes it can take longer (all dogs are different you know!).

I feel calm!

The diffuser definitely helps me when at home and my best friend also got me an ADAPTIL Calm Collar which helps me wherever I am all of the time! It must have helped when we went to socialisation classes, as I really didn’t feel as scared as I was the first time…. in fact I was very brave and sniffed that sausage dog first! I feel like a super-dog!


I feel confident!

I don’t get worried when new things happen at home any more. In fact I feel quite confident when we have visitors and will welcome them with open paws! I am now confident enough to go up to them when they arrive and I’ll wag my tail to let them know they’re welcome… I wasn’t always so friendly when strangers visited and I used to bark and hide in my comfy bed before my best friend told me that they were kind people, but I’m sure ADAPTIL helped me too! I don’t even bark at the postman as much now, as I know he’s only delivering paper through the letter box and not trying to get into our house.

Even if my best friend has to go to work or to the shops and leave me home alone, I don’t feel nearly as nervous and anxious as I used to. We are now in a good routine and I know that when he comes home we’ll go for a lovely walk and play fetch with a ball. All that ball chasing really makes me feel tired, but it’s a lovely feeling! If I’m lucky, I’ll also get a tasty biscuit and a nice head rub so I look forward to that!

Then, when I come home I flop into my bed - which is in the same room as the ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser - and I can just r-e-l-a-x….and know that everything’s right in my doggie world!

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