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Small Dog Breeds – 26 Facts About Cavapoo Dogs!

Cavapoo, Cavoodle, Cavadoo or Cavadoodle! Sounds like the lyrics of a catchy tune – but no, it’s a choice of breed name given to this very popular small dog, that is a cross between a Toy Poodle and a Cavalier Charles Spaniel.

The Cavapoo has become increasingly popular over the years due to their playful, affectionate temperament and the traits they inherit from the parent breeds. So if you’re new to owning a dog, this adaptable breed can be a good choice as they’re not too large, friendly in nature and eager to learn!

26 Facts about Cavapoo dogs

1. The Cavapoo is the second most popular cross breed (or hybrid) type in the UK and is fast gaining popularity in Canada.

2. However, neither the American Kennel Club or the UK Kennel Club recognize the breed. This is because they are not a breed in their own right, but a hybrid cross breed.

3. Although they have been around since the 1950s, they didn’t really become popular until the 1990s.

Cavapoo in camouflage harness laying in grass


4. As you would expect, the Cavapoo has an outgoing and calm nature, inherited from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Its intelligence and athleticism comes from the Poodle.

5. Thanks to their playful and affectionate nature, they make a popular family dog. However, they’re not keen on spending too much time on their own, so need to be socialized and trained to spend time alone from an early age. This trait probably comes from the King Charles Cocker Spaniel, which was bred to be a companion lap dog.

6. They love playing with other dogs, but as with all dogs they should be socialized as a puppy. ADAPTIL Junior is an effective solution to comfort newly adopted puppies and support their education.

7. They can have a high prey drive (from their hunting background), so be aware that your Cavapoo might be tempted to chase small animals and birds. Practicing a strong recall cue will help here!

8. These dogs are super-cute and can be very fun friends for children. But remember that even the most docile and friendly of dogs can react negatively if they are surprised unexpectedly by an over-exuberant child. Always supervise dogs when they are interacting with children.

9. Cavapoo’s intelligence and energy means they are a breed that is seen as being good at lots of canine sports.

10. Cavapoos are also seen as a good choice for service/assistance dogs, as they are small, easily trained and develop strong bonds with their humans.

Cavapoo coats

11. Another popular characteristic is that they are low shedding, particularly if they have a curlier coat.  

12. Their coat can be more variable than a purebred dog, varies from dog to dog and depends on what they have inherited from their parents. Some coats are soft and curly, some have straighter hair; some have a more wiry, tough coat; some have a loose, wavy coat; and others have a tightly curled coat.

13. Common colours are black, chestnut, chocolate, cream, fawn, gold, tricolour (black, tan and white), and white.

Cavapoo sitting on tree stump outside with tongue out

A Cavapoo’s vital statistics

14. There’s no standard breed size for this dog; it all depends on their parents and whether the King Charles Spaniel has been crossed with a standard, miniature or toy poodle. Average statistics are:

  • A full grown Cavapoo can be 12-14 inches (30 - 35 cm) tall, but they can be smaller, or larger.
  • If they have a toy Poodle parent, a toy Cavapoo can be 11 inches (33 cm) tall.
  • If they have a mini Poodle parent, they can grow to 18 inches (45 cm)  tall.
  • Similarly, their weight will depend on their parents;  they can weigh between 12 to 25 pounds (5 to 11 kg).
  • They tend to stop growing when they are around 8 months old and reach their adult size between 12-18 months.
15. The average Cavapoo’s life expectancy is between 10 to 15 human years. Smaller Cavapoos will live longer, and the larger sized Cavapoos trend towards the lower end of the range. The oldest known Cavapoo lived for over 20 years!

Caring for your Cavapoo

16. That beautiful ‘teddy bear’ look requires regular grooming (once a week at least) to keep it in tip-top condition. They may well require professional grooming every 6-8 weeks, depending on their coat type. It is, therefore, important they get used to being groomed from an early age.

17. Mental stimulation is a must for your Cavapoo! They are intelligent and full of playful energy, so enjoy games that play to their natural instincts of hunting and retrieving to keep them physically and mentally healthy.  

18. Because of their intelligent nature, Cavapoo’s are considered easy to train and respond well to positive reinforcement training.

19. They can be prone to weight gain, so make sure your Cavapoo is kept active with plenty of exercise, walks and play sessions.

20. Regularly check their ears for debris, and keep their nails trimmed. A professional grooming service will help with this.

21. As small dog breeds are prone to dental problems, you should brush their teeth daily. Cavapoos are fast learners, so with positive training to care for their teeth, they should learn that toothbrushing is a positive activity!

22. Arrange regular (annual) checkups with your vet, so that any health concerns can be spotted early.  Some of the more common health problems you might find in Cavapoos are:

  • patella luxation 
  • mitral valve disease
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Famous Cavapoos

Cavapoos appear frequently on Instagram, with some celebrities also welcoming them into their lives!Katy Perry holding cavapoo, Butters, in her arms

23. ‘Butters’ is Katy Perry’s adorable Cavapoo who travels with her as part of her touring crew - she even had a custom silk PJ set made with Butters’ face printed all over them!

Angela Griffin kneeling in field beside cavapoo, Smith

24. The actress Angela Griffin pictured here with her Cavapoo ‘Smith’ says he’s not as innocent as he looks!  “The naughtiest thing Smith has ever done us eat my husband’s £250 Prada glasses whilst he was in the shower.”!

Kelly Brook's cavapoo, Teddy, laying on furry blanket

25. Kelly Brook, a model and TV presenter, announced the arrival of her Cavapoo ‘Teddy’ on Instagram saying "Meet Teddy, our newest member of the family @iamteddythecavapoo" and admitting “I’m so in love!” - who can blame her!

Sylvester Stalone holding cavapoo in one arm

26. Sylvester Stalone regularly shares photos of his pets - and there was no exception when he showed off his adorable Cavapoo on Instagram.

If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining pooch who loves cuddles and is loyal to his family, a Cavapoo might just be the dog for you!

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