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Oops Adventures Ep. 7 - Cuteness

Puppies are impossible not to fall in love with. Nothing beats their cuteness, and they know it. Careful with them, as they might take advantage of you.

Remember the cuteness tips some fellow puppies gave me during puppy training? Well I tried on my parents, and it is so efficient; they are more in love with me than they have ever been. I did not expect cuteness to be this effective.

Let’s say I accidentally chewed a chair’s feet, and my parents caught me whilechewing - still accidentally. All I have to do is flop on my back and give them the good ol' "puppy-eye" so they don't have the time to say anything. It works 100% of the time, and all I hear is “awww!”.

Oops being cute on his back

Me, rehearsing my flop-on-the-back trick


There is a dog-saying that goes “With great cuteness, comes great responsibility”. I bear that in mind every time I use my power on my parents. Puppies should probably come with a pictogram to prepare new parents for a whole load of cuteness. Maybe something like this:

Oops Adventure - Series 1

But it's just an idea.

Oops just being as cute as possibleWhen I am caught in the act of cuteness.


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