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Oops Adventures Ep. 2 - The Essentials

Like anybody else, puppies have certain needs that need to be fulfilled. Make sure you provide those as otherwise you risk pulling your hair out!

Hey, it’s been a few days since I first met my new family, and I must say: so far so good! They take really good care of me. It’s like, everything I could wish for, they already have. I didn’t choose the pup life, the pup life chose me.

For example, I have my very own food and water bowls, like my humans! No need to share with my siblings. Can’t complain really: my food comes on a regular schedule, my water bowl is always full and often refilled with fresh water. I’m living the life but … their food smells so good sometimes I try to get them to share with me. I tried everything: being cute, doing puppy eyes, etc. Nothing worked! It’s disappointing, but at least I’ll pick good habits for when I grow up.

In addition to the food and water, they got me this kennel I love and in which they placed some blankets, and cushions. It’s so cozy I like to nap there sometimes. They did the same inside at home. There’s a whole place in the living room, where they put more comfortable bedding and pillows for me to feel safe - it works.

Oops Adventure - list of essential itemsI have all I need for lunchtime: a food-bowl filled with puppy food, and fresh water. I’m off to a su-paw day!


However, there is a “but”. As good of humans as they are, they forgot one thing of the highest importance: toys! Puppies love toys, what do they think I do in my spare time? Work? That’s a job for humans, not puppies! Fortunately, I found the best toy EVER in the garden. And the good thing is there are more than just one, spread everywhere in the garden. I present to you: flowerpots!

Oops Adventure - playing with flower pot!I just can’t get enough of these. Probably the best toy EVER.


I’m starting to think my humans have been trained to be perfect. They keep mentioning "ADAPTIL". I suspect this “ADAPTIL” has given them all of the advice, but I’m not sure yet. I must investigate and I’ll keep you posted on my discoveries.


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