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Oops Adventures Ep. 1 - The Arrival

Let Oops get you ready for your new pup!

Have you met Oops?

Oops Adventure - Ep 1 - ArrivalDid you know the other spelling for 'puppy' is: A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E?


Oops is a lovely Golden Retriever recently adopted by his new family. They couldn’t be happier when they eventually picked him up! Everybody fell in love at first sight. After all, who wouldn’t? Puppies are easy to fall in love with, but if you want to be a paw-some parent and give the best start your puppy deserves, there are certain things you need to know. Fear not: Oops will teach you the best tricks to become the best human a dog can have.

My new parents came to pick me up in the morning. I had barely woken up, when they took me to my new home so we could spend the whole day together!

Oops Adventure - Ep 1 - Hello“I’m sad to leave my mother. I hope my new family will be nice … oh, hello you!”


As soon as I arrived, they took me on a toilet break outside and then my new mum gave me a treat. It was just a wee break though. Anyway, if they want to treat me when I go to the toilet in the garden, I’ll toilet outside more! Then, I was introduced to the whole family. Everybody looked over the moon - not because they are big compared to me, but because they looked happy!

Oops Adventure - Ep 1 - Teddy Bear“I took my teddy bear with me when I left my mom. The smell reminds me of her & comforted me after adoption.”


Despite all the fuss my new family made over my arrival, I must say I was a little scared and sad at the beginning. I had left my sisters, my brothers and most of all my mum. Fortunately, my parents took a blanket and my teddy bear I had when I was a baby, and put it in something they called “my room”. They had made the area so cozy with my very own blanket, a comfy bed and a couple toys I fell asleep straight away when they left me there for the night. The journey to my new home, the walk and introductions to the family and the house were great, but dear Dog, that was exhausting!

Oops Adventure - Ep 1 - Comfy Bed“Today was filled with emotions. I’ll take a nap in my new comfy bed my parents got for me. Sweet dreams!”


I didn’t have my mom anymore, but I already feel safe with my new family.

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