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How to Have a Calmer Christmas

Most of us absolutely love Christmas... there's time to spend with friends and family, a big sparkly tree in the house and maybe some fireworks! But have you thought about how your pet feels in these situations. Any changes in their environment can be very stressful for your dog, particularly ones that are sudden and noisy!

To help you and your pup have a fabulous festive time together, take a look at how your pet feels in these situations and what you can do to help


  • Family and Friends gathering for a party
    When visitors arrived in your home, your dog's normally quiet and peaceful home is crowded with lots of new visitors, different smells, noise and movement. 
  • Exciting Christmas parcels being delivered
    Whilst the endlessly deliveries are very exciting for you and your family. The doorbell ringing, knocks on the door and strangers arriving but not entering the home can all be confusing for your dog. 
  • Amazing Fireworks displays
    Loud bangs and the noise of fireworks can be very scary for your dog, especially as they'll will have no idea where they are coming from or what they are.
  • A sparkling tree inside
    Is a normal resting spot replaced with a big flashing tree? Your dog is thinking that trees lived outside! So if a tree suddenly appears inside their home - their curiosity may get the better of them - so you need to be prepared!
  • New toys
    Opening up all those presents, there's bound to be lots of noise and even loud objects zooming around the house, particularly with children's toys! Your dog might find all these new things scary or may want to chase them!
  • Lazy days and late nights
    Being at home for the holidays may also mean a change to your routine, with lazy mornings, late breakfasts and staying up later than usual. Evenings may be spent watching films together, but be aware that more noisy movies with loud bangs may stress your dog.
  • Festive Night outs
    We all love the extra special social occasions that happen around Christmas time, from evenings out with friends to work parties, you may find you're out more than in! But being left alone at home more than usual could affect your dogs behaviour.



Many of these tips actually continue from fireworks night:

  1. Build a den - Building a den or safe haven can be beneficial to your dog at all times, it is a place that they can retreat to get some peace and quiet or to hide when some sudden loud noises or fireworks begin.
    a) You ideally want to build this where you dog would naturally retreat to when worried
    b) Build it in a quiet area so if you have guests over your dog is not in the centre of it all.
  2. Walk them earlier - if you know they get worried in the dark due to fears, try and walk them earlier than normal so they can stretch their legs while it is still light outside. If you dog does get nervous when walking you might want to consider an ADAPTIL Calm on-the-go collar, it would mean that they are being provided with the pheromone support wherever they are.
  3. Dog walker/home visits - if you know you are going to be out longer than normal, why not arrange for a dog walker or family/friend to pop in to let your dog out/walk them or for a play.
  4. Plug in ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser - this will help comfort your dog during the festive season. With all these changes, many dogs can find this difficult. Plugging in ADAPTIL will mean that they are being provided with pheromone support at all times. 

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