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How to Get Your Puppy to Sleep Through the Night?

 Wow! You’ve got a new addition to the family - a beautiful new puppy who will bring lots of fun and love to your everyday life! 

Of course, there are lots of changes to expect and alongside the excitement, it’s important to expect some disruption while your pup adapts to their new life.

For example, it’s common for puppies not to sleep through the night straight away.

Why Won’t My Puppy Sleep Through the Night?

This can be for many reasons: puppies might feel lonely, bored, unhappy or just have loads of energy - and this may keep them awake at night. Plus, as welcoming as your new home may be, new, unfamiliar surroundings can be very stressful for a young puppy and they may cry, whine or bark even if they are left alone for short periods of time.

Looking at these reasons can help you to figure out why your puppy is not sleeping, and the tips below may help them to sleep when it’s time to go to bed!

5 Ways To Get Your Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

puppy on its bed

1. Create a safe, familiar and comfortable space

Remember that puppies are babies - and they need to feel safe and comfortable! So make sure your pooch has an area where they can feel secure and calm, that is just for them. This may be a crate, a pen or a corner of a room where they can retreat to if they want to.

You can coax them into this area with a reward, remembering to make a fuss when they go in on their own. However, never force them into this area or use it for punishment, otherwise their association will be confused and they won’t want to sleep there.

Having their ‘safe haven’ in your family space, where they can feel part of the family will also make them feel reassured and relaxed. You’ll also find that they will continue to use this as their own space when they grow into adulthood.

puppy in its bed

2. Keep them busy

When you introduce your pup to their new crate/bed, also introduce a safe chew toy, a food puzzle or a reward. Puppies like to be kept mentally and physically busy so build in some play time to stimulate them at regular periods throughout the day. Not only will this help you both develop a loving relationship, but will leave you with a happy, tired puppy who should sleep easily!

3. Tire them out!

If your pup barks and whines a lot, it may be because they are frightened or hungry, but also maybe because they're bored!

Regular play times and exercise throughout the day will help to use up their energy by bedtime, so that when they finally curl up, they will have a long deep sleep - allowing you to do the same!

4. Give your pup the affection they need!

It won’t be difficult to give your puppy a lot of love and affection! If you have children in the home, they will be more than happy to give them lots of cuddles and play - just what puppies need to feel safe and calm in your home! Remind the children to follow the rules too (such as only rewarding positive actions with fuss), to make sure that your pup is not confused and receives the same messages from everyone.

5. Tough love!

If your puppy cries or whines a lot during the night, try not to respond too often as this can reinforce that they need to cry to get attention - and then you’ll find yourself getting up more frequently.

Left alone for a while, your pup should settle down in their bed/crate and soon feel safe, comfortable and associate this area for sleeping. When they do settle, always reward them for any long periods of being quiet - but be careful not to reward for short periods of quiet, as this will give the wrong association. If you are in a different room and your puppy is crying, always wait till they are quiet before going to them. You can then praise them and give them a reward, so that they will associate your return in a positive way!

A lot of love, entertainment and exercise = a well behaved and sleepy puppy!

Use Adaptil to Reduce Puppy Crying

As well as using the tips above, you can also help to create a calming and safe environment for your puppy and encourage them to sleep through the night with ADAPTIL Junior, which is clinically proven to reduce the number of nights of puppy crying, frequently showing improvements within the first week.

ADAPTIL Junior helps to reassure your pup by releasing “comforting messages” like the ones sent by the mother dog after birth. These naturally calm and reassure your new puppy - just like when they were with their mother.


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