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A Dog's Point of View: Why I Love My ADAPTIL Collar!

Woof! It’s great being a dog! My human parents have worked really hard to train me and help me settle in since they brought me home. They spend a lot of time playing games, teaching me what I can do (like play with my Kong toy) and what I can’t do (like sleep on their bed), and they take me for walks and to socialization classes, which has helped me a lot.


For a while, though, I was a little stressed! I was missing my canine mummy and all of my litter mates. But then, my human parents heard about using an ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser - now I feel calm and confident and I don’t feel stressed anymore!

I don’t think the humans in my house can sense it though; I’ve heard them say that ADAPTIL releases messages (dog appeasing pheromones) that only us pooches can detect. I sometimes wish the new human baby could smell them to help him settle him down! He certainly smells different - but my humans have helped me get to know him!


Today I’m feeling extra relaxed because I’ve got an ADAPTIL Calm On-the-go Collar. I used to get a bit scared when we went out on our walks - I didn’t like the sound of cars driving up and down the road, and then other dogs would come running towards me when we were in the field and I would have to hide behind my human because I didn’t know what to do!

Now I’ve got an ADAPTIL collar, I feel great! I get these comforting messages wherever I go because I wear it all the time.  It normally lasts about a month, and my human does change it for me after a few weeks as he can see that it really helps me. When I first had the new collar, he was very careful to make sure he got the right size and it fitted correctly and as I’m growing into a big doggy now, he is extra careful and makes sure it fits correctly as I grow.


I used to be very nervous when I went to training classes. Those other dogs made such a lot of noise at the start of the class, barking, whining and chasing around. I really didn’t like it, but now that I’ve got my ADAPTIL collar, I feel good! I think some of the other dogs must also be wearing them too (they are recommended by doggie doctors) because they don’t seem quite so noisy and we are quite happy just sniffing each other and learning new things like staying still on a mat (it can be hard to concentrate to do that!)

Dog training


Apparently, the collar has also to be taken off when I go swimming or have a bath as it stops the collar from working. The best thing about having a bath is coming out and shaking the water off - that feels great, but all the humans seem to run away - don’t know why so I chase them - it’s great fun!

My ADAPTIL collar also won’t work if it’s covered up; it stops the pheromones being released and if that happens I might get a little stressed again.


  • My ADAPTIL collar will work for about 4 weeks, so make sure you change it regularly
  • The general collar size guide for us dogs is:
    • S = <15kg dogs (fits necks measuring up to 37.5cm)
    • M/L = <50kg (fits necks measuring up to 62.5cm)
    • ADAPTIL Junior – necks up to 37.5cm (which includes most puppies weighing up to 15kg)
  • When you are fitting it around my neck make sure it’s not too tight but it has to fit snugly next to my skin - I’m lucky I don’t have long hair but my hairy doggie friends have to make sure it’s not sitting on top of their hair - that’s because the warmth of our skin makes the collar work
  • Take my collar off if you insist on giving me a bath, or if you take me swimming!
  • My collar has worked well because my humans used it at the same time as training me - I feel more confident and able to concentrate on learning new things every day!

I love my ADAPTIL collar!

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