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5 Essentials For Taking Your Dog Camping

Are you planning a camping trip with your furry best friend? Dogs make great companions for a good adventure, but it’s important to make sure you have all the necessary dog camping essentials to ensure their safety and comfort.

From food and water to shelter and a comfortable bed, here’s our dog camping checklist for taking a dog camping.

1. A Sturdy Lead And Collar

Every camping trip with your pup should include a lead and either a collar or harness. Make sure these dog camping essentials fit well and are comfortable for your dog, without being too heavy or bulky. Consider attaching a light for ease of seeing them in the dark. You should also attach an up-to-date ID tag with your contact information. This helps in case you get separated, though your dog should also be microchipped to ensure their safety!

When it comes to packing a lead, it can be a good idea to have both a short and long lead. These are essential for when your dog needs to be either under close control, or when they are exploring a wider area.

Young family sitting around campfire with dog while dad plays guitar

2. Plenty Of Food And Water

Taking a dog camping, and especially taking your dog camping for the first time, is never a great moment to change your pup’s diet. Instead, make sure you pack food that your dog is comfortable with, and bring enough of it to last the whole trip. This food should be kept in a sealed container to prevent your dog and any local wildlife from getting to it, and a collapsible food bowl can be good while you’re out exploring.

Similarly, you shouldn’t forget dog treats! These are always handy for rewarding positive behaviour and for keeping your pooch happy.

As for water, this is one of the most important dog camping essentials. A collapsible water bowl and a large container of potable water should be included in your dog camping items. If you’ll be camping in a location with unfiltered or no water, make sure to also bring along a filtration system or bottled water. Remember, if it’s summer or a warm day, your dog may be thirstier than usual. Keeping your pup well-hydrated with lots of water should be your main priority.

Golden retriever looking happy sitting in front of man in a tent

3. A Comfortable Bed Or Mat

Another item high on the dog camping checklist is a good bed or mat. Not only will this provide a comfortable place to rest and sleep, but a bed can also be used as a spot for your dog to chill out if they get too hot in the sun or the ground is too cold. Ideally, this bed will have familiar scents from home to reassure them if they get anxious. You can also consider insulating under their bed to keep them warm, and extra blankets if the temperature drops.

Camping and exploring can be a tiring experience for dogs. Remember to ensure they’re getting enough rest! And if they like to snuggle in bed with a favourite toy, there’s no harm in packing this too.

Two shepherd dogs sitting in doorway of a tent

4. Dog First-Aid Kit

A comprehensive first-aid kit is vital for taking a dog camping. Even if your pup is healthy, accidents do happen and so it’s best to be prepared just in case. A dog first-aid kit should have the necessary items to take care of any minor injuries or illnesses that may occur while out in the wilderness. This can include antiseptic wipes and bandages. It should also include any medication your dog takes, a tick remover, and dog sunscreen to protect against the sun’s rays.

Check with your vet before leaving to make sure your dog is properly protected against parasites. Similarly, find out the contact details for the local vets to the campsite, and bring any relevant medical information they may need.

5. Waste bags And Scoop

Be prepared for when your dog goes to the toilet by adding plenty of poo bags to your dog camping essentials. Not only is this a courtesy to other campers, but it also helps keep your campsite clean and free of dog waste. And remember to dispose of your dog’s waste responsibly!

Woman sitting by fire with a mug and blanket and petting her dog

Dog Camping Checklist

Those are the main essentials covered for taking your dog camping, but there are still plenty of other items that can be useful! To keep your pup safe and comfortable, we also recommend packing:

  • A portable means of keeping your dog cool – This could be an awning or dog tent, but bear in mind that tents can get very hot in the sun.
  • Toys and puzzle feeders – These are a great way of keeping your dog entertained. Some may be more suitable for camping areas than others, however, so avoid anything overly noisy.
  • Windbreak – As well as providing shelter, these can also offer privacy to help your dog settle if the activities of the campsite are overstimulating them.
  • Dog lifejacket – This should be one of your dog camping essentials if you’re planning on going for a swim or paddle.
  • ADAPTIL Calm Collar – Another idea is to pack an ADAPTIL Calm Collar. ADAPTIL collars release appeasing messages to help your dog feel reassured wherever you go, making them ideal for taking a dog camping. Simply put it on your pup before leaving home and you shouldn’t need to remove it for the duration of the trip. They can even remain on if taking a dip in a lake or river – though it should be removed before swimming in a pool that’s been treated with chemicals!

Are you interested in finding more tips for your dog this summer, or curious to learn more about how Adaptil Calm Collars work? Get in touch! We’d love to hear all about your pup and what you get up to together. You can also stay informed with our latest informational guides, Q&As, and general advice by signing up to our newsletter.

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