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Should My New Dog Go To A Puppy Party?

Now that you’ve had your puppy for a little while and they are settling into their new life with you, it’s time to start taking them out and about for walks, and introducing them to other dogs (and humans)!

But are you nervous about how your pooch is going to react? Do you think that they might be scared, or get too excited?

If so, this is a good reason to consider taking your new dog to a puppy party!

What is a puppy party?

A puppy party really is just as it sounds! And though having lots of pups in the same room at the same time might sound like a recipe for disaster, puppy parties really do have a lot of benefits!

  • A puppy party is where you take your pooch along to a canine get together, so they can learn to socialize with other pups and people.
  • A puppy party is not just for dogs! They are also a place where you can meet other pup owners, exchange ideas and discuss any particular challenges with people in the same situation.
  • As puppy parties are frequently held in a veterinary practice, you also have the opportunity to discuss any health or behavioural issues with professionals in a more relaxed environment.

Where can I find puppy parties?

Puppy parties are often held at a veterinary practice, a pet store, training centre or similar. Look out for those that always have professionals in attendance - like a vet, trainer or behaviourist, and take particular note of how they are managed. Is the venue of a good standard and hygienic, to reduce the risk of cross-infection from other pups? Try to speak to other people who have been before, and gauge for yourself if you think your pup is enjoying the experience.

When going to the party, always take along one of your pooch’s favourite toys and some of their favourite treats so you can reward good, calm behaviour. You should also be prepared to remove your pooch from any situation where they are not comfortable.

When Should I Take my Dog to a Puppy Party?

The sooner you start to teach your pooch to socialize, the better! There is a critical period of socialization time when your pup is more receptive to being exposed to new people, other animals, and sights and sounds. This is normally when your pup is between a few weeks old until they are about 3-4 months old.

Most puppy parties insist on puppies being vaccinated to avoid any cross infection, so you may have to consider getting your pooch vaccinated early before you go along to a party.

It’s also best to choose a party that is not too big, perhaps with around 5-6 other pups attending and check that there will be one or two professionals in attendance too. The more puppy parties you go to, the more you will expose your pup to different situations, different people and different dogs!

Benefits of taking your dog to a puppy party

Meeting and socializing with other people and pups are the main benefits of taking your pooch to a puppy party!

Even in a short space of time, your pup will learn how to play with other puppies, and how to react in different situations. If your pup starts chasing and running with another pup, this is a great way of them learning how to play and burn off energy - as long as their interactions are positive. However, if the interactions are not positive, be prepared to remove them from the situation.

Puppy parties are also a great way to get your pup used to new situations so that they will be less nervous when you take them somewhere new or into a situation where there are lots of people or you encounter other pooches. You can consider using ADAPTIL Junior to support your pup and help them feel more confident during the socialization period.

Puppy Parties are for Humans Too!

Puppy parties can also be a good source of information for doggie owners. At a party you will often be able to pick up leaflets full of tips on rearing a pooch. There may also be talks presented by vets - why not get the whole family involved so that you are all learning together!

You will get advice on training, doggy body language, biting, chewing, diet, neutering, vaccinations, insurance and a whole host of other things that you may not even have considered.

Importantly, you will also be able to share your experiences with other puppy owners, which you could continue outside the puppy party with confidence.


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