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Is ADAPTIL Safe to Use For Puppies?


What is ADAPTIL and how does it work?

ADAPTIL is a product that replicates the natural dog appeasing pheromone that a mother dog produces when she has a litter of puppies. These pheromones (which are naturally exposed shortly after birth) are the natural way that dogs communicate with each other, sending messages of comfort and reassurance to their litter. Using a copy of this pheromone, ADAPTIL helps puppies feel safe and secure in their new family - as they did with their mother and litter-mates.

Arriving into a new home and leaving your mother dog and siblings behind can be worrying for a puppy; there will be lots of different sounds and smells that they will have to get used to, let alone socializing with humans and even other pets.

There are lots of new lessons to learn from their new human parents, like ‘sit’ and ‘lie down’, new games to play and lots of exciting toys and interesting treats… so confusing!

ADAPTIL can help give your new pup confidence and support when they arrive home. Consider adding ADAPTIL to your New Puppy Checklist so that you are well prepared for their arrival!

Why use ADAPTIL for puppies?

ADAPTIL is an effective solution that will comfort newly adopted puppies and help them settle into their new home and surroundings. By recognizing the ‘comforting messages’ that ADAPTIL produces, it will help your new puppy to feel calm and relieve stress, particularly if they are finding it difficult to adjust to their new environment.

When an ADAPTIL Junior Collar comes in contact with your puppy’s skin, their body temperature warms the collar causing the diffusion of ‘comforting messages’ into the environment around your pup, so that when they are wandering around exploring, they will have comforting messages around them at all times, helping them to relax and get used to their new home!

Fit the collar snugly around your dog’s neck, leaving no more than two fingers depth between the collar and dog’s skin. Leave the collar on your puppy at all times - but ensure it is removed when they are being washed/shampooed. An ADAPTIL Junior Collar will also support them if they are left at home alone for a short period of time, or if there are loud noises that may be frightening them (like fireworks)!

You will start to see results within the first week of use, with your puppy becoming happier (less crying at nights) and less stressed. Over the next few weeks they will become more confident and more self assured, learning to be more sociable as time goes on (6 months being the critical period for socializing puppies).

After 6 months of using ADAPTIL Junior to keep your pup feeling relaxed, you may want to use an ADAPTIL Calm On-the-Go Collar for (bigger pooches)!

If you think your dog still needs additional comfort and support as they grow, they may benefit from the permanent use of an ADAPTIL Calm On-The-Go Collar, which will continue to create a reassuring environment at home and even outdoors. Just as the Junior collar, it is recommended that you use this for a minimum of one month to see results. It’s particularly useful if:

Your dog is frightened of loud noises like fireworks or thunderstorms

  • They bark or whine when left alone, or if they are staying in a kennel
  • They are nervous or frightened when on walks
  • They are difficult to train

ADAPTIL will only work to support a normal day to day doggy routine which includes proper training and regular stimulation including playtime and walks. It should never be used in cases of aggression towards humans or other dogs. In such circumstances, it is strongly recommended that you consult your vet to determine if your dog has any underlying health conditions. Once the vet has ruled out any medical issues, you could also consult a qualified behaviorist.

ADAPTIL is used and recommended by vets - and your puppy cannot ‘overdose’ on pheromones, or this product.


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