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How do I use ADAPTIL to see the Best Doggy Results?


Dogs are more like humans than you may think - and they sometimes worry or get anxious about things they don’t understand or can’t escape from. For example, does your doggo hide away, start panting or shaking if they’re feeling uncertain, or do they run away to a corner of the house when people visit?

ADAPTIL can help settle your dog and smooth out anxiety triggers that might be upsetting them; it contains comforting messages that help them feel calm and confident in stressful situations.

These three ADAPTIL products are designed to help in different situations.

ADAPTIL CALM Home Diffuser

When to use it?

Pooches are very sociable creatures and like to be around humans! But sometimes your pet needs a little extra support in the home. Maybe you need to leave your pooch at home alone? Or perhaps there are guests visiting, or strange noises. Or, your dog may just need a little extra confidence in their everyday life! ADAPTIL CALM Home Diffuser can help your dog adapt in situations like being left alone, when strangers visit, or if there are loud noises which make them nervous (like fireworks or home appliances).

An ADAPTIL CALM Diffuser creates a reassuring environment for dogs that worry and feel anxious as it releases “comforting messages” to help them feel reassured and relaxed when they come across a challenging situation.

Although every dog is unique, you should start to see results that your doggo is feeling less anxious within the first 7 days of plugging in your diffuser. But persevere for a while if you are not seeing results within this time-frame, as it very much depends on how long your pooch has felt anxious and how severe the signs are - and it may take longer to see an improvement.

How to use it?

Plug your ADAPTIL CALM Diffuser into a socket at floor level in the room where your dog sleeps or spends most of their time. The diffuser should be on continuously but do not place it under furniture or behind curtains as it will obstruct the diffusion of ADAPTIL into the airspace and be ineffective. Make sure you refill it every month to ensure continuous effect.


ADAPTIL Calm On-the-go Collar

When to use it

Are you finding that your pooch gets nervous or anxious when you take them out and about with you? Do they bark at unexpected noises, or nervously stay close to you when you are trying to socialize them?

You can also use ADAPTIL Calm On-the-go Collar to help your dog stay calm and adapt to any situation, both indoors and outdoors, where there may be loud noises, when you are trying to train them, or when you need to leave them in boarding kennels when you go on holiday.

Mother dogs produce natural ‘comforting messages’ that are released from their mammary zone - called Dog Appeasing Pheromones. These can only be sensed by all dogs and provide strong comforting signals that help other doggos feel secure.

An ADAPTIL Calm On-The-Go Collar emulates these pheromones and brings you and your dog closer, by providing constant reassurance. 

How to use it

An ADAPTIL Calm On-the-go Collar should be around your dog’s neck at all times, wherever you go, but remember to ensure it is fitted correctly and to take it off when shampooing your pooch, as it will not work if it gets wet.

Bear in mind that ADAPTIL will not help if your dog’s behavior stems from another issue unrelated to stress - for example, a lack of proper training (hyperactivity, over-excitement), lack of toilet training, or medical reasons (in which case you should consult a veterinarian). If you think your pooch has puppy separation anxiety these tips can also help.


When to use it

Does your pooch get anxious when you want them to get into your car? Some dogs don’t like the thought of going on a journey and they may start to shake or whine even if they go near a car! They may have had a bad association from a previous journey, or they might suffer from motion sickness.

This fear can be limiting as it makes travelling with your dog stressful for you too, so you need to help them relax and accept that travelling is a normal part of life and that often, they will get a lovely walk or treat at the end of the journey. You may even have to travel by car to get to your vet, so making this trip less anxious for your pooch is essential.

ADAPTIL Travel helps calm your dog on the move; the spray copies the Dog Appeasing Pheromones that are released from a mother dog’s mammary zone. These "comforting messages“ are odorless and are only perceived by dogs; they provide a strong signal of comfort and security to dogs of all ages. It makes all travel less stressful for your pooch, reduces panting, trembling and restlessness during travel.

How to use it

ADAPTIL Travel is useful to support your dog when they are travelling in the car. As this is an alcohol-based spray, you need to spray 15 minutes before your dog gets into the car (dogs have an amazing sense of smell, so you want the alcohol to evaporate and leave the non-smelling message behind).

You can spray ADAPTIL Travel directly onto your dog's bedding or lead as well as the area the dog will be in the car (boot or back seat) but you should never spray directly onto your dog! Always allow the area to dry before letting your dog into the space.

ADAPTIL Travel can be used for both puppies and dogs, helping the whole family have a more relaxing journey!


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