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Your dog: your best ally during containment

Written by Adaptil, published on 3 April 2020

Your dog might be your best ally during the containment: discover the 4 canine superpowers against the blues !

Whether you are staying at home with other family members or on your own, your dog will probably be the only one fully available for you 24 hours a day.

Thinking of which, this is a premium type assistance in these difficult days, providing unconditional love, good mood and tail wagging.

Your dog has the superpowers to listen to you

Depending on your dog’s character, the level of interaction might vary. Some dogs will chat with you for hours. In other cases, you will just be speaking to your dog, a good remedy to loneliness these days.

The good point is: your dog will always agree with you, whatever you say!

Your dog has the superpowers to make you feel less stressed

And let’s face it, it is indeed a superpower these days !

You can enjoy a free petting session several times a day: remember that petting your dog is fine (as long as you wash hands after and avoid wet kisses), and can provide undeniable comfort (even science says so).

Also, if you are working from home, you might from time to time see your dog pop up near your desk asking for cuddle or play, with at least 2 immediate benefits: make you smile and force you to take a well deserved break from work.

Last but not least, any stressful news becomes way easier to digest with a furry head resting on your knee.

Your dog has the superpowers to entertain you

Playing with your dog is much better than netflix and can be a lot of fun!

If you lack ideas of games to play, read our suggestions here (link to How can I keep my dog active)

Also remember that if your dog now has less access to the outside, playing with them is essential to keep them mentally stimulated.

If your kids are stuck at home, playing with their furry friend can be a lot of fun!


Your dog has the superpowers to keep you healthy

Being in lock-down at home can impact your health as you may be spending too many hours sitting, watching TV or working on your computer; in other words being much less active than normal.

The good news is: your doggy won’t let you decline !

Thanks to your furry friend, you will maintain a healthy routine of daily outside walks: even if shorter than usual, it is still a healthy habit to get some fresh air.

It might be tempting to go on extra long walks during these days stuck indoors, but consider your 4-legged friend. Some of our oldest doggy friends are very happy with a slow, short walk.

So, let’s look at the bright side of this situation: thanks to Coronavirus, your dream of bringing your dog to work has finally become reality !

But remember, all superheroes have a weakness: even though your dog has many superpowers, don’t forget that this situation is also stressful for them, so see how ADAPTIL can help !

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Stay safe!

The ADAPTIL team



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