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Top Tips: Puppy Lead Training

Written by Adaptil, published on 3 December 2018

Place a collar or a harness on your puppy, allow him time to get used to it. Fasten it tight enough, so that he cannot pull it over his head. Adjust it as he grows though!

  1. Clip his lead to his collar or harness. 
  2. Ideally avoid long line or flexi lead, prefer instead  a 4-6 ft (1.5 meter) clip lead. Any long lines or flexi leads will encourage pulling habits.
  3. Gently encourage your puppy to follow you, using praise. If he struggles, hold the lead for a while, then gently coax him to move forward again.
  4. Start your sessions in a quiet place with minimal distractions and use tasty treats (like sausage, cheese, chicken).
  5. Whenever the lead is loose with no tension, reward your puppy. If he pulls and the lead goes tight, stand still, keep hold of the lead at all times. If he comes in and lead becomes loose again, reward him. Don’t throw food, make sure he takes it from your hand.
  6. Repeat short sessions as often as possible.

Using ADAPTIL Junior will help your puppy learn better and faster. Remember: NEVER attach the lead to ADAPTILJunior collar, as it has not been designed for that use.

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