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Thundershirt and ADAPTIL

Written by Adaptil, published on 10 August 2020

Thundershirt and ADAPTIL

ADAPTIL and Thundershirt offers your dog 2 types of support. They work in different ways and complement each other. 

How does ADAPTIL Work?

ADAPTIL is scientifically proven to help dogs reduce stress and increase relaxation. Reducing panting, trembling, restlessness and other stress-related behaviours, often seen with dogs that are worried.  ADAPTIL has over 25 clinical studies providing evidence in support of the reassuring effect of ADAPTIL in dogs in various situations. It contains a copy of the naturally occurring and comforting pheromones that a mother provides to her puppies, it helps puppies perceive their environment and new potentially scary experiences or stimuli in a positive and calm way. 

ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser


ThunderShirt is a jacket for dogs that applies gentle, constant pressure to help calm anxiety, fear, and over-excitement and relieve stress and other dog anxieties. This gentle hugging produces a dramatic calming effect while slowing the heart back down to a normal rate. Want to know more? Read how ThunderShirt works including survey results that show 85% of dogs are less anxious when wearing this vest.

Thundershirt is available to buy from Amazon.

How to use ADAPTIL and THUNDERSHIRT together

For the best results spray the Thundershirt with ADAPTIL Transport Spray. This will leave the comforting messages on the shirt ready for your dog to wear. Spray around 8-10 times anywhere on the Thundershirt and leave for 15 minutes, before introducing it to your dog. 

Transport Spray ADAPTIL

As ADAPTIL Transport Spray works differently but complementary this will allow the calming pheromones from ADAPTIL and the reassuring comfort from the ThunderShirt will work together for even better calming, comfort and lower stress.

Copy of Thundershirt what is it (1)Watch the video below for ADAPTIL's Expert Advice on how to use the two together!

HubSpot Video


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