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The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Dog

Written by Adaptil, published on 2 December 2022

The air is getting frosty and the days shorter which means only one thing - the festive season is nearly here! Have your considered what to get your pawsome pooch this year?

Loyal and affectionate a bond with a dog is like no other, your dog is a friend that is always there for you. To help you have a wonderful time together, here are some top tips and ideas for the best Christmas gifts for your dog! 

Best Christmas Dog Gifts - Squeaky Toys

Everyone loves new toys at Christmas and your dog is no exception! Dogs love to play, and a squeaky toy is a source of great enjoyment for most dogs

Did you know, a dog's ancestors in the wild used to have the same excitement when they chased their prey - only when the squeaking stopped they would know that they had successfully caught their prey.

A squeaky toy is perfect for dogs who like to chew and for playing games games like hide and seek. However, if your dog gets nervous around lots of noise then read on - there's lots of alternatives to support anxious dogs!


Best Christmas Toys for Dogs - Rope!

Ideal for games of fetch and for chewing, ropes are a must have in your doggy toy box! From simple single ropes, to ropes with balls on the end, these are great for multi-dog homes - a good rope can last for ages. Puppy’s love to chew on ropes on their own too so use as a distraction and reward your puppy with their rope toy instead of your shoes or furniture!

A rope has the added advantage that it helps to clean your pup’s teeth, reduces plaque build-up and massages their gums. A rope is a dog essential!

Puzzle Feeder

A puzzle feeder or food dispenser toy for your dog is a great way to keep your pooch occupied as it will take up a lot of time and mental exercise. If you're busy and can't provide your pup with as much attention as normal, or if your dog doesn't like to be home alone, this is a great tool to use for short term distraction.

Usually, this is a rubber toy which delivers treats or food when your pup bites and chews at the toy. A KONG type toy is a great example - fill with food, dog-safe peanut butter or yoghurt or their favourite treats. Just ensure that the hole in the toy isn’t too large or the pup could get their lower jaw stuck.

A food toy can help prevent your pup from feeling bored or lonely - especially as licking is a naturally self-soothing action for dogs - as well as helping your pup to eat more slowly as they will have to work for each bit of food. This is a rewarding toy that will hold your pup’s attention for hours!


Homemade Christmas Treats for Dogs

Homemade treats are easy to make and can be a lovely surprise for your pooch, particularly during celebrations! Have a go at these homemade dog treats but remember to keep their diet in mind and award them sparingly!  

Maybe isn't not your own dog you want to treat this year, so if you are buying a gift for another pooch in your life, does their personality match their owners? The best presents are always those that match an interest or are useful for their lifestyle together. 

terrier dog sniffing christmas dinner

And don't forget to include your dog in a Christmas dinner all of their own, just make sure you know what they can and can't eat to keep them safe and healthy all through the holidays!

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