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Our Top Tips For Travelling With Your Dog This Summer

Written by Adaptil, published on 8 July 2020

It is important if you are intending to travel with your dog in the car that they feel comfortable before you head off on your journey.

1. Slowly introduce your dog to travelling

Ensure you get your dog used to the car before actually getting in it to travel, for example slowing introducing them to the inside and doing a few shorter trips a few days before the long journey.
Also, always finish on a positive, this could be the car goes to somewhere nice like a park for a walk etc. or they get a yummy treat when they have just got back from a car ride!

2. Help your dog to stay calm in the car

Use ADAPTIl Transport Spray on towels, bedding or blankets that your dog will use in the car and leave it for around 15 minutes before introducing the dog to them.

3. Make the car feel safe and secure 

Ideally having a crate inside the car or a secure place for the dog, the feeling of security from the crate/cage will really help. This alongside soothing praise from you/the owner and reassurance from the pheromones being released from Adaptil Transport!
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