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Oops Adventures - Noise

Written by Adaptil, published on 12 March 2021

Noise is another important part of socialisation, and training, to make puppies grow into well balanced dogs. Learn to decipher dog stress and anxiety signs to provide the best answers to your dog.

Not long ago, I met the lawnmower. It is so noisy I got scared and ran away!

As they did for everything else - handling, grooming, travelling, etc. - my parents slowly got me used to the sound of the lawnmower. First, they let me approach, sniff, and walk around it for a while. Then, they took it around the garden for a “walk”, and I followed. Then engine was still off. It only after a moment, and when I was not standing too close to the lawnmower they turned it on.

It was so noisy, I did not understand why my parents would not go away from it! Instead, they remained calm, and acted as if nothing happened. They were so calm I decided to carefully join them.

get puppies used to all sorts of sounds for when they grow up

I am (not) afraid of the lawnmower

As the weeks passed, the lawnmower would come out from time to time. Everytime it was out, my parents and I would repeat the same process over and over, going through the same steps, one by one until I became confident enough to be around the lawnmower. Do I have to say a fair amount of treats was devoured throughout the training?

This is me now I am a grown-up dog:

puppy not scared by the lawnmower

Watch me being confident! Impressed, aren’t you?

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