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Minimising barking during a call

Written by Adaptil, published on 15 April 2020

Amazon have seen a huge increase in searches for noise cancelling headphones and we have seen an increase in searches for dogs barking. To help you manage this we have put to together our top tips to help you keep your dogs barking to a minimum while working from home?

Getting used to working with your dog in the background can be unusual for many and takes a bit of adjustment. This includes your dog barking just as the important bit of a call comes up! Here are some tips to limit any of these surprise noises during a meeting with your boss!

Fill (and freeze) a Kong

You can fill a Kong full of something super tasty (e.g. dog safe peanut butter) and give this to your dog just before the call begins. If you can, freeze the Kong with the tasty treat inside as this will keep your dog entertained for longer.

Load up a Lickimat

Keep things interesting by trying something different spread on the Lickimat, such as squashed banana or chopped vegetables & greek yoghurt, dog friendly peanut butter or squeezy cheese.

Fill up a snuffle mat

Tempting treats can be hidden in a snuffle mat including chopped apple, bite size treats or even their kibble.


Exercise your dog just before a call (following the current guidelines for leaving your home). then when you join the call your dog is suitably tired and will hopefully sleep through.

Chew or puzzle toys

These are a brilliant way to entertain your dog. Save them up for a special occasion (such as when you are on a call), this means when they come out your dog is even more excited about it! Examples of these are buffalo horns, antlers, yak chews, coffeewood chews /anco roots.

Separate yourselves

it is going to be very beneficial for you and your dog to spend time apart, as one day you will be going back to the office. Why not shut them in a different room for a period of time during the day to get them used to spending time alone. (If this is something you are concerned about, why not read our blog on preparing your dog for when you go back to work).

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Stay safe!

The ADAPTIL team


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