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Bonfire Night: How to Build a Den

Written by Adaptil, published on 14 October 2019

During firework season you can help your dog by preparing a ‘safe haven’ or a ‘dog den’. If your dog already has a hiding place, then this space can be used making it as snug and secure for your dog as possible by adding blankets or bedding.

If you are making a new ‘dog den’ from scratch, try to do this a few weeks in advance so that your dog knows it is a safe place when fireworks start. Plugging in an ADAPTIL® Diffuser or fitting an ADAPTIL Collar will increase the security felt by your dog and help to create a calm environment.

  • Build your den at least 2-3 weeks before fireworks season
  • Select your area: away from external windows and doors and in a quiet area of the room where you and your dog spend most of your time
  • Use a dog crate. These are a great way to make a fun place for your dog to chill out.
  • Select a nice comfy bed that your dog has used regularly and place it in the crate
  • We now need to soundproof the crate and for this you can be inventive! Basically, it needs to be dark and soundproof! You could:
    • Use blankets to cover the crate with
    • Use cardboard sheets to line the outside of the crate and then place a thick duvet on top
    • Cable tie egg boxes to the outside of the crate instead of cardboard sheets and then use the duvet to cover
  • Make the den a positive place for your dog. Have plenty of toys and treats in there. You can also hang toys from the inside of the crate and hide treats. There a few fabric foraging toys. These are also handy to hang on the inside of the den and then hide treats in the pockets provided
  • Apply ADAPTIL Spray to the bedding when you first make your den. This will help reassure your dog that it is a ‘safe place’
  • Plug in an ADAPTIL Diffuser close to the den as well. This is proven to support your dog during fireworks but also encourages them to see their den as a ‘safe place’.
  • Why not leave your den up all the time? It can be a constant safe place for your dog to retreat to during any stressful period. During hot weather, remove the duvet and use a thin sheet instead.

    Unfortunately fireworks aren’t just on the 5th November and can last until New Year. Take a look at our expert advice to understand why dogs are often scared of fireworks and help support your dog all through fireworks season!

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