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Fireworks during COVID-19

Written by Adaptil, published on 9 April 2020

We at ADAPTIL are enjoying the #clapforcarers! What a wonderful way to show our support to these amazing people. Some of our fans have reported fireworks being let off as part of this which we know that sometimes fireworks can be distressing for our pets so we wanted to remind you all of our top tips to help protect them. With it happening at 8pm each time it ensures we can be prepared.

  1. Make sure your dog is walked way before 8pm - while it's still light is best as it brings the association levels down.
  2. Close all curtains, windows and doors - to muffle and lights or sounds.
  3. Put the TV/Radio on - louder than usual to muffle the noise.
  4. Get something tasty and fun ready - at 7:57 give your dog a tasty long-lasting chew, a filled Kong, their favourite puzzle toy...whatever you think will distract them from what's going on.
  5. Stay with them - do not leave your dog alone as this can negatively affect their emotions. Some dogs look to their owner for comfort and so you being nearby will provide this.
  6. Build their den - if they are a dog that likes somewhere to hide then make sure this is up and ready for a place for them to retreat to, make sure you give them space while they hide.
  7. Use ADAPTIL - it is clinically proven to support your dog during the fireworks season and so can be an ideal support tool during this time too.

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