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Is your dog stressed on walks? Jeremy found his confidence with ADAPTIL

Written by Adaptil, published on 10 March 2022

Discover more about Jeremy, a border terrier with significant anxiety issues, until his pet parent Michelle discovered ADAPTIL.

Full of enthusiasm and energy, Jeremy is a little cheeky terrier but as a young puppy at 10 months old he started to become anxious when going outside. From barking at other dogs or even just the wind, Jeremy became generally nervous about everything. 

"Jeremy used to be scared of his own shadow. We introduced the ADAPTIL on-the-go collar into Jeremy 's life and we have never looked back! He wasn’t stressed out on walks anymore''


For many pet parents, dogs showing signs of anxiety can be very upsetting and it's not always a simple fix. To help your dog in the long term, it's really beneficial to understand further why your dog reacts in a certain way.

For Jeremy, he couldn't be left without human company which had a huge impact on family life. Through lots of hard work, training and with ADAPTIL providing constant reassurance, Jeremy's general nervousness has improved. 


Since using ADAPTIL Jeremy has significantly settled down and no longer suffers from anxiety. He is much more relaxed and a very settled dog, not as stressed out on dog walks 

He is much calmer, happier and a more relaxed dog now who loves his life now he's more settled. He is a very playful, fun loving dog who loves to play with his brothers.


Take a look at these 8 tips to help calm you dog on a walk if they are scared of outdoor noises. 

To provide your pooch with extra support in challenging situations, fit your dog with an adjustable ADAPTIL Calm On-the-go collar - this releases comforting messages to reassure your pooch whilst out and about.

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