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How to Help Separation Anxiety


Your dog is, as are all dogs, a highly social animal, feeling better and more confident when you are around. However, you can’t take them with you everywhere. 

How can you tell if your dog is having issues when home alone? If you want to help your dog feel more settled read on for our top tips and advice to help your pooch if they're showing signs of separation anxiety.

Make sure your dog has a comfy bed or safe den area where they can relax.dog in comfy bed

Try to have the same dog routine everyday; walk them at the same time and before you leave, and give their food at the same time. Dogs like having their time:  time with you, time to rest, time to exercise and play. 

dog having fun with dog owner

Give them something fun to keep busy with, like a food puzzle or long lasting treat, and teach them to ‘settle’ so they’re comfortable on their own when you’re busy or not there.

puppy with chew toyWhilst they’re enjoying it, leave briefly, then return & reward them for staying calm and settled with something they love -- treats, fuss or play.puppy with rope toyBuild up to spending time in a different room and build this into their daily routine. Gradually increase the time and distance of separation, until they stay calm and settled when you go out.

spaniel dog asleep with toysIf your dog shows any signs of worry, you've progressed too fast -- go back a stage and leave them for a shorter period or just step away temporarily.

dog hiding under duvet

Take our quiz for top tips and advice to help your dog with separation anxiety!

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