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Why are firework noises so much worse for dogs word document


Why Are Firework Noises So Much Worse For Dogs?

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Fireworks noises for dogs can be incredibly scary and threatening. But, if you understand why your dog is afraid, you can provide comfort and reassurance to your pooch.

Why Are Fireworks Noises So Scary For Dogs?

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Your dog is an incredible animal. With super-sensitive hearing, protective instincts and strong loyalty, your dog is a protector, carer - and of course, a best friend. But while your doggo’s amazing senses help them be a super companion, they can also make your pet much more sensitive to loud noises, such as fireworks.

So what causes our dogs to be frightened by fireworks? What are they experiencing and feeling? Why do they react the way they do, and more importantly, how can we help them feel calmer? Here are a few reasons why fireworks noises are so scary for dogs:

Fireworks are loud

It may seem obvious, but fireworks are very loud. Your dog’s super-sensitive hearing can make the noises feel much worse and incredibly scary. With their incredible ears, your dog will also be able to hear loud noises from much further away than you can - what you can hear at 20 feet, your dog can hear from 80 feet away. Dogs really are amazing. But, whether it’s thunder or fireworks; loud and unexpected noises can trigger an anxious reaction, even if it doesn’t sound so loud to you.

Your dog is reacting to a perceived threat

Has your dog ever tried to run and hide when faced with something loud? If so, that’s a normal, survival response. For them, the noise is a real threat.

As humans, we know why fireworks are happening, what they are and, often, when they’ll occur. But for dogs, fireworks seem random, surprising and threatening. So we can’t blame them for reacting as though they are in serious danger; seeking shelter and hiding. 

Your dog feels trapped

When a dog feels threatened by loud noises, they might experience a ‘flight’ response, and want to run away and escape. But when they’re inside, there may be nowhere to go. This can make your dog feel vulnerable, trapped and even more scared - they just want to get away from the noise. If your dog isn’t a fan of noise, try to remove them from the situation beforehand if you know that fireworks are coming up.

If that’s not an option, masking the noise of fireworks, distracting them, and taking steps to make your home feel as reassuring as possible will help to calm and relax your dog.

Helping Your Dog


If your dog is affected by fireworks or a fear of loud noises, luckily there are many ways to help them. Making your dog a den or ‘safe place’, providing them with a comfy bed or crate, and distracting them with toys and food can be a great way to keep them calm. Your furry friend will also feel reassured if you talk to them, pet them and play with them to distract them from any scary noises.

Plugging the ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser in near your dog’s ‘safe space’ can also enhance their comfort and security. The Diffuser sends “comforting messages” that help to reassure and relax your dog, and make fireworks a much more manageable experience,

Of course, if your dog still shows severe fear signs despite these tips, be sure to consult your veterinarian for additional help.

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