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What Can I Give My Dog For Fireworks Anxiety


Have you ever had to reassure and calm your pooch after they’ve been startled by fireworks? Although fireworks can be fun and exciting for humans, our four-pawed pals often aren’t so sure!

Surprising and unexpected, fireworks can be unsettling for your pooch because their extra- sensitive hearing amplifies the sound. And while some dogs are able to handle the surprise with confidence, others may find fireworks much more disconcerting.

So what can you give your dog to soothe and calm them, and make sure fireworks night is enjoyable for the whole family?

4 Ways To Soothe Your Dog’s Firework Worries

1. Give your doggo a den

Dogs like to feel secure, so giving them an area where they can have some space or hide will help them stay calm.

How can you create the perfect doggy den? A good way to start is to choose a place where they already like to spend their time. Fill the area with their favourite toys, and provide some treats or chews to keep them occupied. Making sure there are blankets to burrow under will also help to dampen any noise, and help your pooch feel secure.


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2. Make the sound of fireworks less scary for your dog

Sometimes all you need to give your dog, is a relaxed environment.

If your dog does find fireworks frightening, it’s best not to force them to go too close to the source of fear. Instead, try to mask the sound as much as possible. Closing all curtains, windows and doors can reduce the noise, and playing the radio or playing calming pet music can distract your dog from their fireworks worries.

If your pooch needs a little extra comfort, consider using an ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser plugin in the room where your doggo spends most of their time; this creates a reassuring environment in the room and promotes a feeling of safety.

3. Give your dog the chance to desensitise

With training, your dog can get used to staying calm around unexpected noises. Although sound training is best done with dogs when they’re still puppies, you can still help adult dogs. Introducing your dog to a noise soundtrack or ‘sounds CD’ during calm and quiet times (not during fireworks) can help them to get used to different or surprising noises. These programmes are easy to use and extremely effective.

Remember, this training should only be done when there are no known loud noises approaching - never train your dog around fireworks, and always reward them calmly when they show a positive reaction. Over time, your pet will learn that there’s nothing to be nervous about. Using an ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser can also reinforce that reassurance and help your dog stay comfortable in challenging situations.

Give love, support and friendship!


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Fireworks may not be a dog’s best friend but using these techniques can help to relax them during fireworks season. If your pooch shows severe signs of being affected by fireworks then it may be worth consulting your vet or an accredited behaviourist for advice. Your dog values your friendship so staying by them and reassuring them will also help them to stay calm. Never punish your pal, but instead keep them entertained, supported and show them how much they mean to you.


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