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Ep.6 - Oops Adventures - Handling

As puppies grow older and as part of their training, puppies should be taught and get used to handling.

I may have to take back some things that I have said about puppy’s life being great.

In their search to be the best puppy parents ever - not that an award already exists - my parents read they should get me used to being handled. What is the point of being handled if I dislike it? How is it even possible? They said it would help me be more relaxed when I go to the vet. I asked if I could use my veto.

To try and convince me, they used the common weapon, nonetheless efficient, of treats. You read me well: treats and praise! I was almost vanquished: the will to be “a good boy” and my love for treats were stronger than anything else. I cannot put up against treats, I am a dog, remember?

Luckily, my parents received good advice. They started by checking my ears. They waited for me to be relaxed first, gave me lots of fuss and attention. After they could check my ears, they said “good boy”, and then gave me the treat. My dad was confused from time to time: should he have gave me the treat first, or the praise? Or both at the same time. Well, I do not mind, as long as I get both! But my mom reminded him the marker word has to come first, and then the treat for a better association. When I had enough, they did not push it, and let me go.

It took me some time to fully accept the handling, but I am a good boy, according to my parents.


Groom me please

As if the handling and grooming were not enough, my parents took it to another level … they showered me! Then they took a photo. Please be indulgent, as I am not at my best.


It will be fun, they said.

Getting used to handling and grooming was not that bad after all. I am calmer at the vet, more confident with my parents, and in addition, I smell nice. I even got more handsome after the shower! I am fur-ociously cute. Deal with it.

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