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Ep.4 - Oops Adventures - Meeting animals & People.

You adopted a puppy and you thought you could keep him or her for yourself? Well, guess what: everyone you know will WANT to meet the newly arrived puppy. Especially because they’re so cute, and also, because they’re so cute. Meeting other people and animals is an important part of socialisation.

Last time, I went to town to experience new situations, remember? Well, I met a fellow dog during the walk! It looked like me, but was a grown up. We even got to play together. My humans were so happy to see me play with another dog - they gave me a treat, it has become a habit. . Again! If I knew it was this easy to be a dog, I’d have started earlier.

A few days later, I received the visit of a tiny human - a puppy human even, one would say. He’s very gentle with me, and we have something in common: we both like to play. It can’t be a coincidence, so we made the most of our day together.


For starters, he has a lot more toys than I ever had! Dinosaurs, little cars … he had e-ve-ry-thing. When we got bored of playing with those, we started playing a new game we called “fetch the ball”. It’s very easy to play. You need a human, a dog, and a ball. Here the rules:

1. The human throws the ball

2. I fetch the ball and take it back to the human

3. Repeat until the human is tired of throwing the ball

Easy, isn’t it? Pretty sure it won’t be a surprise if I say that I was given treats as rewards for taking back the ball. They’ll run out of treats if they keep the pace up!


That’s me, best dog around at the “Fetch the ball” game

The fellow dog and tiny human were not the only ones I met recently. I went to puppy class with my new parents. It’s great fun! We had good times and I learnt a lot, especially from chatting with the other puppies. They gave me some training tips for my new parents like leash training, or how to be cuter - we all know I’m cute already.

I’ll show you next time!

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