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Ep.3 - Oops Adventures - Socialisation & Experiences

When puppies grow older, they will encounter certain challenging situations that may unsettle them. To prevent unwanted reactions, it is better to make puppies face these situations when they are still young.

Another day, another adventure! The family recently decided they wanted me to “discover new things” as I’m growing up. It all started with me spending more time outside. I got to explore the garden.

At first, I mostly wandered around the house, and remained close. But quickly, I grew more confident, and went on to explore further. I don’t want to brag, but I’m a bit like Christopher Columbus, or his dog at least. I discovered new scents, noises, and machinery! I bet Christopher Columbus never went on a car ride.

puppy_diary_hosepipeWhat’s this thing?

To be fair, I had to wait a little before my first road trip. It’s too scary! First, I took a look around and inside the car with the engine off: safety first. Then, I did the same with the engine on. We had to take things slowly as I was nervous. I was taken on a very short road trip only after I showed enough signs of being confident! It was a good experience overall, despite sitting at the back. They wouldn’t let me at the front. “Highway code” they said, “boring” I barked.

puppy_diary_discovering_carSo that’s what cars look like inside? Pretty boring, and not that comfy, heh.

On my second road trip, I was taken to town where I walked on the pavement amid the noises, the people, other animals, more cars … Fortunately, my humans stood by me at all times. They weren’t afraid, so why should I?

Besides, everytime I acted calm, they would give me treats they took along with us. Walking calmly by a car with its engine on? Treat. Sitting by the road and waiting for the light to turn green to cross? Treat. Remaining calm during the road trip? Treat. I had just jumped off the car I was given a treat. They do treat me well! There’s no reason to be afraid afterall. My humans remain calm, and I get to receive a reward each time I act like nothing happened. Plus, I’m a good boy.


Despite the zebra crossing, it was scary to cross the road in front of the police!

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