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5 reasons to keep your dog active


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The key to a healthy and happy life is to stay active. It’s as true for humans as it is for

our four-legged, canine friends. So, take that lead and a chewy ball out of the

cupboard and get that active canine routine going for these 5 reasons...


To keep them healthy (not obese)


Many dogs get overweight, some even clinically obese. This causes a whole heap of

issues to their well-being: increasing the risk of some cancers and cardiac problems,

overloading their joints and reducing their stamina when you’re out for walks.

Choose the right food for them bearing in mind their specific needs: size, breed, diet

and age. Physical activity combined with good nutrition will keep them at a good

weight and healthy. Exercise even helps with digestion and doggy constipation.

Everyone wins. Just remember, before you start a new exercise programme for your

pet run it by your vet first.


To satisfy their natural instincts


Dogs are naturally very active, many breeds are bred for hunting, working, guarding

or herding - All dogs feel the natural urge to explore and scavenge.

So LET THEM! Toys and food puzzles take those instincts further and will challenge

a pooch and keep them from the couch life.


To create a bond between you and them



Quality time is the bedrock of a quality relationship. You are not only the giver of food

but you’re the reason a dog gets up in the morning. Neglect a routine of physical

activities and general play with your dog and you can expect lazy attitude. Dogs are

less than amused by inactivity because they feel distant from the play and physical

interaction so vital in pack behaviour. That’s right, you’re their pack leader, so… lead,

in both senses of the word.


To prevent boredom



Just like a kid who’s been ignored too long and does something naughty out of the

need for attention, dogs that don’t get enough love are sure to act up. Dogs have a lot

of energy that need to be spent every day to keep them away from expressing it

through chewing, hyperactivity, play biting and attention-seeking like barking and



Dogs will become unruly, jumping up on people and becoming excited. They will

also feel the need to investigate EVERYTHING - by any means necessary - if you can’t

offer them stimulation by walking and giving them activities outside the home. In

other words you either need to entertain your pooch or they will find ways of

entertaining themselves, even if that means making a mess of their home.


To help your dog feel confident - good for socialisation



A healthy dog is on the top of its game and this will of course feed through into its

general way of life. A daily routine that provides stimulation and offers social contact

with other people and dogs will socialise your animal. The better that mood becomes,

the healthier it will be physically. It’s a virtuous cycle to break into! Think about how

you feel when you hang out with friends? Or even better go for a walk, run or cycle to

meet up with friends. You feel energised and excited to see them, you doggy pal is no

different. The big difference is their friends will want to run around with them, so it’s

two birds for one walk!


Some suggested activities:

Walk, walk, walk. Go to training classes, go swimming, just get out there! While your

dog is getting used to a new regime use the ADAPTIL Calm On-The-Go Collar. It’s an

excellent way of helping your dog stay calm while out and about. It will help reassure

them, let them exercise properly and meet the outside world with the energy and

character you know they have.

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